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ETS Terms & Conditions

  • 1. The following terms and conditions shall be applied when a participants/students/test-taker undertake the test for scholarship purposes.
  • 2. Scholarships shall be awarded on the following basis:
    • • Merit
    • • Age bracket (age shall be calculated on the basis of CNIC/Form B only),
    • • Gender (M-F)
    • • Rural/Urban Demographic
    • • Remoteness of School/institution of education
    • • In case of multiple participants with same score are higher than the allocated scholarship awards, computerized draw shall be done by following the above (a-e) criteria to determine the winner
    • • A candidate who succeeded in winning the scholarship cannot win again for the same test category within 12 months time. Rather he or she should sit for a higher level of test category
  • 3. ETS employees and their immediate family members are NOT eligible for the scholarship.
  • 4. Parents or Legal Guardian must sign the registration forms for minors.
  • 5. The scholarship award cheque (Crossed Cheque only) shall be issued either in the name of successful student (in case 18 years or above) or parents (mother or father) name and shall be sent at the address given in the forms.
  • 6. ETS scholarship Management Committee decision shall be final and cannot be challenged in any court of law.

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