About Us

CEO Message

ETS is going to become a diversified platform for our clients and customers by delivering sustainable growth while building a solid educational foundation amidst a challenging operating environment. ETS commits for its best service delivery not like others, with veracity and pure transparency in its procedures. My aim is to extend this trajectory into the future and turn the ETS into a leading global organization. We are ready to encounters any challenges in our organizational environment; the pace and scale of change are unprecedented. In order to overcome these challenges, ETS confirms its commitment about testing and assessment solutions and configuration the needs of our clients. We are not working like others, testing agencies but our best services will enable us to become faster at identifying and addressing shifts in landscape. This is not enough stage of our commitments; the more is that we remain fully committed to strengthening our abilities, and to continue boosting the firm going forward globally.


We are obsessive about transforming and providing accommodate a globally platform for our clients and customers in according to deliver best testing & assessment services with reliability and pellucidity is it process.


To incorporated and provide solutions in to the way are do business with our clients and customers, is our belief in harmony.

Our Goals

ETS goal is to make fundamental contributions to the process of

  • 01

    Education for Institutions

  • 02

    Recruitments for Public & Private Sector Organizations

  • 03

    Process to attract quality candidates to fill existing job openings

  • 04

    Advertising job openings through social media, professional associations, and career-related websites

  • 05

    Make sure of pre-screening, reviewing, prioritizing, and shortlisting applicants to identify the most suitable candidate for the job

  • 06

    The purpose is to filter and onboard candidates with the right behavioral traits, attitude, and domain knowledge to fulfill the task efficiently

Our Strategy

ETS is self-governing, independent and self-sustained testing and recruitment organization of the Pakistan that evaluates the candidates’ potentiality and capabilities for recruitment, scholarships and admissions. We help organizations for recruiting the right people for the right job; develop employees and strengthening the performance. The commitment done by ETS is that the transparency and secure network in the testing and recruitment process.

Legal Status

ETS was incorporated under the Companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017) of the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan in order to bring credibility, transparency and innovation in testing and assessment according to the need of individuals as well as public and private sector organizations/institutions.